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Drawboard PDF PRO

A professional toolset inside Drawboard PDF.

Document Builder

Merge, re-order, manipulate and arrange PDF documents.

Calibrated Measurements

Calibrate your document to scale and add linear and area measurements.

  • Rectangle area measure
  • Linear measure
  • Polygon area measure
  • Polylength measure

Grids and Lines

Select from a range of overlays to enhance your experience.

  • Notebook paper
  • Gregg ruled paper
  • Pitman ruled paper
  • Graph paper
  • Engineering grid
  • Isometric grid

Pricing that works for your workflow

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Drawboard PDF PRO is not compatible with the Microsoft Store for Business or Store for Education

Color Picker

Choose colors for your annotations that suit your work.


Measure and draw with ink at precise angles. Digital ink snaps to the Protractor just like a ruler - fully integrated with Surface Dial.

Engineering Line Styles

Apply and change dash styles using the line tool.


Bring attention to items in need of review on PDFs with callouts.